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Your company will get priority access to VibeNet™ and our support team before the product launch in January 2022. We will contact you to adapt our platform to your specific needs and to prepare its launch for your worksite(s).

Your contribution is refundable at any time.


VibeNet™ is a digital ergonomics cloud platform. This collaborative platform encourages a culture of health and safety within any organization.

By joining the VibeNet™ Waitlist as a company, you show interest in using VibeNet™ to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), related absenteeism and costs. The platform helps to improve the overall happiness of your workforce, workplace ergonomics, and productivity in a data-driven manner.

A laborer can input their musculoskeletal disorders for one specific task at one specific workstation in VibeNet™. A Health & Safety Manager can analyze high priority tasks via the task improvement process using objective ergonomic risk assessments.

We believe that VibeNet can help companies reduce their MSD-related costs by more than 25% within 5 years. The platform is particularly interesting for enterprises who are willing to make the necessary but relatively small ergonomic investments.

Main platform features:

  • User Management with access authority;
  • Injury prevention;
  • Task improvement process;
  • Ergonomic risk assessments;
  • Project-based return on improvements;
  • Ergonomic solutions that can be scaled over teams, departments, and worksites.

By joining the VibeNet™ Waitlist as a private person, you pledge your support for ExoVibe and what we stand for: honoring great ergonomics. This concerns the comfort and efficiency of laborer-workstation interactions.

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