Our Vision

We at Exovibe deeply believe personal mobility is a human right, non the less for those who have difficulty walking or want to have a fast recovery. That's why we introduce an astonishing mobility service, deployed by our softskeletons™.

How Our Solution Works

We deliver personal mobility that supports the lower body and amplifies your movement, making it easier for you to stand up and do daily tasks.

Be The Next Terminator

Our softskeletons™ can be easily worn underneath your clothing, so you can live life to the fullest without any social resistance

Service & Maintenance

No maintenance required, we fix it, so you don't have to. We always give you the latest technology and updates thanks to our suport service.

Who we are

A passionate and driven team who takes mobility very personal.

We believe that by creating true freedom, focus on a human design is key important for our wearables. That's why we make our softskeletons™ as natural feeling as possible.

Like the first computers where designed to amplify an inherent ability of the human mind, likewise does Exovibe amplify an inherent ability of the human body.

Contact Us

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